An Important Organizational Update

We are disheartened to announce that Margaret Matijasevic, Executive Director, has resigned from her position to focus on urgent family needs. This change in staffing is effective immediately. Margaret has been a tremendous blessing to…

In Word And Witness

A national Catholic community dedicated to evangelization and catechesis.

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As a community of 10,000 people, we are inspired by this moment in history. In Word and Witness is uniquely positioned to innovate, continuing the legacy of our sacred stories of faith. Now is the moment to uplift the Ministry of Catechist and work proactively for social change. Help equip us for this journey! Together, we are capable of transforming the world by reflecting Christ. Make a contribution to our #IGiveCatholic campaign. Advanced giving begins November 15th.

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Gather with other ministers dedicated to evangelization and catechesis as part of our inclusive community of faith. We welcome all those who identify with our mission - to transform the world by reflecting Christ. Discern how you can engage in the work of the organization and become a member today!

What's Your Story?

Pope Francis’ historic announcement of the institution of the Ministry of Catechist encourages all of us to share our vocation. We want to capture the depth and breadth those dedicated to evangelization and catechesis in today’s Church. Share your story and contribute to this historical archive that documents our communal story of faith.

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I Am The Light

In Word and Witness is committed to this work. Join us in our mission to transform the world by reflecting Christ. We challenge 199 people to contribute $25 to this campaign so that together we can continue to shine a light on the ministries of evangelization and catechesis.

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Utilizing modern methods of collaboration allows the In Word and Witness community to be stewards of the resources abundantly provided to us. Share your individual charisms, your community's best practices, and practical tips for effective evangelization and catechesis to expand our online resource library, all while inspiring and networking with others.

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Faith-Filled and Value-Driven

With you, we want to reflect Christ’s love to our community and beyond using our values of inclusion, solidarity, stewardship, and more.

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