Our Core Values

Guiding principles for the work we do.

What We Stand For

Guided by church documents and the principles of our Catholic faith, In Word and Witness has identified eight core values that drive the work to which we commit ourselves. They are Inclusion, Community, Sacred Stories, Authentic Witness, Stewardship, Solidarity, Synodality, and being Spirit-Led. These values are foundational to our organization and infused in our projects, resources, and initiatives. Our success is measured by how well our community can live into these values and uphold our mission.



Welcoming those with differing abilities from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, theological, and relational experiences.

Sacred Stories

Recognizing that we are part of a great lineage of catechists and believers, we commit to retelling our communal and individual stories of faith.

Join Us

Our mission is to transform the world by reflecting Christ. Become a member today and join our inclusive community of faith.


As missionary disciples, we know that our ministerial call is boundless. We provide prayer, faith sharing, support, and networking to strengthen our communal response.

Authentic Witness

Requiring vulnerability and boldness of faith, we witness from a place of authenticity.


Standing in solidarity with people on the margins and those who have been disenfranchised, we firmly side with justice and advocate for those who have lost their voice, dignity, or power.


As stewards of creation, we act responsibly with the privileged resources that have been entrusted to our care and utilize innovative methods in our operations and ministerial practices.

Become a Member

We offer an option for both free and paid membership. Discern how you can contribute to the mission and join today.


Knowing that wisdom comes from varied and diverse perspectives, we respond to the changing landscapes with comprehensive listening and opportunities for a proactive communal response.


Entrusting all that we do to the work of the Spirit, we pray with openness to respond to the promptings of the Spirit.