RCL Benziger

RCL Benziger proudly supports you through faith-based and academic education. We are dedicated to providing enriching learning experiences for students and families through our complete array of print and digital resources.

Bilingual Resources

RCL Benziger meets the needs of the Hispanic community with programs and resources that make connections between faith and life for children, families, catechists, and program directors.

RCL Benziger capacita a la comunidad hispana con programas y recuros que vinculan la fe con la vida diaria para niños, familias, catequistas y directores de programs.


Catechist Formation for the New Evangelization

Walk with Jesus as you accompany others on a journey that echoes faith in Christ. Echoes of Faith Emmaus Edition leads catechists through comprehensive formation helping them to grow in their understanding of Church teachings, the role of the catechist, and methodology.



  • NEW learning design inspired by the Emmaus story
  • Multi-tiered platform for diocesan and parish leadership
  • NEW easy-to-use interface for progress tracking
  • NEW videos inspire catechists

Through dialogue, reflection, and prayer catechists are empowered to become witnesses of the Gospel message.

Free Access to Echoes of Faith Emmaus Edition Catechist Formation for 60 Days, contact your local sales representative to set up your free access today!


Our Family Faith

Recognizing the diverse needs of Catholic families and parishes today, RCL Benziger’s all-new Our Family Faith website features downloadable faith formation models that will guide parents, families, and directors of religious education in using our resources in the home. OurFamilyFaith.com identifies and describes the many RCL Benziger resources that will best support families in their ministry as their child’s first and most important teachers of the faith.

My Mass Book

Recommended for children ages 6-9, this colorfully illustrated book helps children pray with the whole family of God at Mass and with their families at home. It includes The Order of Mass, Catholic Prayers and Practices, a visit to church, symbols of the Church, the liturgical year, other traditional Catholic prayers, and an overview of the Sacraments. The Included downloadable Parent Guide provides additional formation for adults and practical suggestions for families.

Stories of God’s Love - Preschool (ages 3–4 or 4–5) & Kindergarten

 Stories of God’s Love is an easy-to-use, developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum designed to engage children and their families in learning about their Catholic faith and in making the connections between Scripture and daily life.

Stories of God’s Love is the foundational cornerstone for each of RCL Benziger’s basal programs; aligned, connected, and integrated in a way that provides for the optimum sequential growth in a child’s faith formation. In addition, Stories of God’s Love provides the flexibility needed to customize your school faith formation program.

Connecting with children’s social and emotional needs, the hands-on activities in Stories of God’s Love are age- and developmentally-appropriate. Paired with the colorful illustrations, they engage the child and their family in creating a learning environment that mirrors God’s love for his children.

Effective early childhood educators know the importance of first connecting with the children, building a foundation of trust and care, before engaging them in the learning process.

Stories of God’s Love facilitates the connection between teachers, children and their families, through interactive shared experience built upon the Gospel message, real-life stories and engaging activities.

Teachers meet the children where they are in their development and build bridges to future learning. Connecting with the child’s social and emotional needs builds strong bonds and models God’s love. When hearts are touched, the Gospel message of God’s love becomes tangible.


Training Videos on Youtube

RCL Benziger is excited to provide short training videos containing tips that will help you engage young children in your preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Join Miss Debbie as she prepares to teach each lesson in Stories of God’s Love specifically for preschoolers aged 4 and 5. These tips for teachers may be used for our Stories of God’s Love 3-4, 4-5, and Kindergarten programs.



Blest Are We Faith In Action

Blest Are We Faith in Action invites all learners to explore and grow in Faith, Word, and Action.

Each unit of Blest Are We Faith in Action is based on a particular theme or area of Catholic belief and practice. This theme is studied over four individual chapters that correspond to the four pillars of the Catechism: What Catholics Believe, How Catholics Worship, How Catholics Live, and How Catholics Pray.

RCL Benziger is pleased to present a NEW Family Life Edition of our Blest Are We Faith in Action Series.

Blest Are We Faith in Action now includes the Family Life Connection, an amazing family resource built right into the Student Edition textbook! Students will take home this two-page insert to help them build the skills they need to live healthy, holy lives.

With the NEW Family Life Connection, families can:

  • Deepen the understanding of Catholic values and virtues for everyday living.
  • Quickly learn essential Catholic teachings related to the lessons in Blest Are We Faith in Action and to their real-life experiences.
  • Immediately practice strategies for effective communication, maintaining a safe environment, and building healthy relationships as a household of faith.

Serve your family catechetical needs by supporting parents in raising and educating their children with the tools to help them stay safe and to make the right choices. ated and balanced approach that helps students learn and deepen their faith and Catholic identity.