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We welcome all those who share our mission and desire to contribute to our community.

How to Become a Member

Membership is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Discern if and how you can contribute to our mission – to transform the world by reflecting Christ. 

Step 2: Having identified with our mission, decide if paid or free membership is best for you.

Free members engage and contribute to the mission of In Word and Witness and gain access to all public resources plus exclusive invitations to limited live sessions and specialized content.

Paid Members contribute to the mission of In Word and Witness and gain ongoing access resources and events. Opportunities include authoring content for the resource library for peer review and discussion, partnership project proposals with crowdsource funding potential, regular live networking sessions, discount on events, and unique accompaniment opportunities.

Step 3: Sign up and get involved with our community.


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Become part of our community of changemakers. Join us in our mission to transform the world by reflecting Christ!

Membership Benefits


Focused on the core value of community, we provide networking opportunities as a central part of our organizational work. We recognize the value of networking with a variety of people, from diverse perspectives, all dedicated to the ministries of evangelization and catechesis. 




In today’s world, collaboration has endless possibilities and our members demonstrate that potential. Enhance our resource library by sharing best practices and innovative ideas. Contribute to meaningful conversations in our community networks. Participate in professional development through our gathered events.


Where two or three are gathered… With Christ as our model, we provide various opportunities for our members to gather with one another.  We embrace innovative ways to place community at the forefront of our events and experiences.


As a community of faith, we entrust our work and our membership to the care of the Spirit. Guided by the promptings of the Spirit, we respond in faithfulness.

Active Engagement

Each members is responsible for sharing in the mission. Members are empowered to take an active role by sharing their unique charisms and giftedness with the community. Together, we can help advance the field of evangelization and catechesis in our service to the Church.


Recalling that we were sent out two by two, our members walk alongside one another to discern and respond to God’s call.  Our community recognizes the many pathways of faith and seek to accompany one another wherever we find ourselves on our journey.

Become Part Of Our Community

Contribute to our mission and help transform the world by reflecting Christ.