4 Strategic Priorities

During this inaugural year, In Word and Witness is prioritizing models that support synodal listening. Our strategic direction focuses on four critical components that are aligned with our core values and enhance the membership experience by contributing to the organizational mission – to transform the world by reflecting Christ.

The landscape in which the Catholic ministries of evangelization and catechesis serve is dynamic, challenging, and hopeful. Polarization, minimal resources, decreased affiliation with faith communities, and redefined roles for ministers are factors that affect our ministerial environment. In Word and Witness is uniquely structured to inspire and innovate within this context by prioritizing collaboration, data analysis, intentional listening, and comprehensive action. This strategic vision utilizes the diversity and expertise of our Board of Directors and responds to the current realities of our community.

We collaborate with our community in four priorities:

1. Synodal Process: Adhere to an ongoing posture of listening. Prioritize solidarity, uplifting the undertold stories of the faithful. Report to the larger Church discoveries and recommendations.

2.Church Leadership: Uplift the ministry of Catechist. Address systemic issues proactively. Diversify models of evangelization and catechetical leadership.

3. Innovation: Expand partners and stakeholders to encourage the creative capacity of ministers. Curate charisms to provide professional development utilizing modern tools.

4. Sacred Storytelling: Build a communal culture of philanthropy around our shared ministries. Amplify the ancient lineage of catechists and evangelists through sacred storytelling utilizing modern mediums.