A Vision Forward

As we look forward to the Epiphany, we recognize the time of darkness and uncertainty experienced in the world this past year. Like the star, we are called to be a beacon of light for those seeking the hope of Christ. Having spent the past year in deep thought and reflection as to how our organization can better reflect the light of Christ, we are proud to announce that the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership will become In Word and Witness.

In Word and Witness is a national Catholic community dedicated to evangelization and catechesis. We welcome all those who embrace our mission – to transform the world by reflecting Christ. Our new, broad, approach to membership recognizes the changing ministerial landscape and offers multiple ways engage in the work of the organization. In Word and Witness offers virtual and gathered opportunities for networking, prayer, resource sharing, and accompaniment. We commit to being an inclusive community, welcoming those with differing abilities from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, theological, and relational experiences. We authentically witness faith by the telling of our story and the retelling of our communal sacred stories. We stand in solidarity with all God’s people, firmly siding with justice, and advocating for those who have lost their voice, dignity or power. As stewards of creation, we will act responsibly with the privileged resources that have been entrusted to our care. We respond to the changing landscapes with synodality, comprehensive listening, and an openness to the promptings of the Spirit.

Our new branding plays with the idea of light, showcasing the multiple ways that light can be reflected and refracted. This modern approach to branding illuminates our mission in new and exciting ways. Though we might currently be ministering through a screen, we are each called to reflect the light of Christ and shine as a beacon of hope in the world.

We invite you to join us. Be among the first to join our community of changemakers. Together let us transform the world.