Getting Familiar With Our Brand

We are proud to debut the new branding for In Word and Witness! Embracing our core value of synodality, we recognize that wisdom often comes from outside of ourselves. Our brand was created in consultation with design experts and graphic designers from around the country. Their unique perspectives and expertise have guided the In Word and Witness staff in launching our new brand and implementing a comprehensive marketing plan.

Our design team was inspired by the concept of light. Like a prism reflecting and refracting light, we too are called to reflect the light of Christ. This imagery perfectly complements our mission. Just as scripture reminds us that faith without works is dead, our organizational name reminds us that it is the Word that gives life to our witness, compelling us to act. Our brand has a strong emphasis on storytelling – emphasizing both our individual stories and our communal stories of faith.

You’ll notice that our primary brand colors are black and white. These timeless colors provide a sleek and flexible approach to branding. Each version of our logo is complimented by a vibrant color palette of accent colors. Together, these colors reflect the spectrum of light and give us options perfect for every situation or liturgical season. Accent features such as foil, shattered glass, prisms, and stained glass effects work to accentuate our brand and the concept of light.

We hope that you see yourself reflected in our brand. We invite you to check back often as we further illuminate our vision.