Imagination Sessions, Tuesday 05/24

1:30–3:00 pm

Sr. Kathleen

Bryant, RSC 401. When Money Trumps Innocence
Child and teen slavery exists hidden in our neighborhoods in this “land of the free” as well as in the rest of the world.  Your voice can give visibility and life to those children, women and men who are suffering.  Your voice could release someone from being enslaved through human trafficking.  Learn how to recognize the signs through listening and paying attention and respond as an advocate through action.  How can this assault on humanity find a place in our catechesis and parish ministry so that more voices are heard?  Special attention will be given to teens, recruiting techniques used to engage them in human trafficking including social media.

Fr. Frank

DeSiano, CSP 402. Evangelization: A Transforming Gospel
In this year of mercy, the Church calls us to embody God’s mercy in multiple ways.  The Gospel we proclaim is transformative—not only of our personal lives, but particularly of our culture and our human values.  To be evangelizing is to commit ourselves to those actions that show God’s love, particularly for the poor and marginalized.  The social teaching of our church are an indispensable prism for understanding evangelization.

Dr. Matthew

Halbach 403. Building a Church of Mercy
Using the means of story-telling, theological interpretation and small group interaction, Building a Church of Mercy introduces Pope Francis’ developing vision of a more merciful church–the field hospital and open door for people on the margins of faith and society.  This presentation will develop a working definition of mercy, informed by Scripture, Tradition and Francis’ own words. It will also propose attitudes and actions for building a more merciful church as a way of spiritual accompaniment–a term and reality whose understanding and implementation Francis views as vital to the New Evangelization.

Michael & Charlene

Howard 404. Telling the Gospel story as “Dynamic Disciples”
The ageless catechetical methodology of storytelling was essential in Jesus’ ministry and is very vital to our ministry today. Participants in this presentation will practice a methodology to analyze Jesus’ stories by entering the scripture imaginatively and conversing with Biblical characters by infusing St. Ignatius’ spiritual practice of the five senses. Attendees will discover how to use this practice for personal discipleship formation and in forming disciples among those they catechize.


Ospino, Ph.D. 405. The Fifth National Encuentro as a Model of Evangelizing Catechesis
In 2017 the Catholic Church in the United States will enter a four-year process of evangelization called the Fifth National Encuentro for Hispanic Ministry that aims at engaging more than seven thousand Catholic parishes, nearly every diocese, and all major ministerial organizations and institutions in the country. One of the goals of the process is to identify at least 20,000 new Hispanic pastoral leaders and many more from other ethnicities. It is an opportunity for U.S. Catholics to renew our identity as dynamic “Missionary Disciples: Witnesses of God’s Love.” This workshop explores the vision and content of the five catechesis that will guide the Fifth Encuentro Process.

Sr. Theresa

Rickard, OP 406. “Mission Matters: The Social Dimension of the New Evangelization”
Working Description: In today’s secular and isolated society, Pope Francis’ call to transform the parish as “a center of constant missionary outreach” is more important than ever before. Now is the time to proclaim the healing message of Christ’s mercy—as Pope Francis says, to go “out from the sacristy and into the street’’ to care for those on the margins and God’s creation.   This workshop presents pastoral approaches based on insights drawn from The Joy of the Gospel, Laudato Si’, and the social doctrine of the Church. Participants will leave with practical ideas for how to perform all of their parish ministry activities in a ‘missionary key.”


Santos 407. Engaging Families in Missionary Work: How to Contribute to a Missionary Church
The mission of the Church is the mission of every disciple and every Christian family. Mission is our baptismal call to share God’ love. This session will explore the animation of mission ad intra; within the family itself as a place of first evangelization where education in the faith and values happens first and mission ad extra; the family as an agent of the new evangelization for society and Church.

Sr Kathleen

Schipani 408. Embracing All God’s Children: Faith Formation of Youth with Autism and Other Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities
Pope Francis calls us to be a Church which is a “mother to all, spreading throughout the world a culture of acceptance and solidarity in which no one is seen as useless, out of place, or disposable.” This learning session will provide a theological, pastoral and social justice perspective to welcoming, including and catechizing youth with disabilities. Learning styles and characteristics of youth with Autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities will be presented as well as positive approaches of engaging youth and their families in faith formation.  A variety of models of inclusion, effective teaching methods and resources to assist Catechetical leaders, catechists and parents will be shared. Creative ways of using Loyola’s Press’ Adaptive Finding God, a groundbreaking new program designed to help children with autism and other disabilities experience their Catholic faith, will be explored. Participants will be encouraged to view planning for the inclusion of all in parish faith formation not as a problem to be solved but an opportunity that brings countless blessings.




Ward 409. Year of Mercy: Teaching A Consistent Ethic of Life  
Catholics stand for a culture of life even in the face of what Pope Francis calls a ‘throw-way culture’. Yet, many Catholics struggle to understand the consistent ethic of life as it relates to capital punishment. Catholic Mobilizing Network will explore how to educate and evangelize around respect for life, social justice, and the year of mercy in the context of the death penalty. We will provide you with practical engagement tools to be used in your diocese, parish, or school for a variety of age groups and audiences.

Dr. Joseph

White 410. Helping Kids and Teens Embrace the Fullness of Catholic Social Teaching
Catholic Social Teaching transcends the boundaries of politics and secular ideologies. In a society that is highly polarized, how can we form children and teens to proclaim and live the beauty of Catholic teaching, from caring for all creation to defending the life and dignity of the human person? Dr. Joseph White, catechist and child psychologist, will offer 5 practical ways to form learners who live the faith.

Dr. Kristin

Witte 411. Laudato Si: Engaging Pope Francis’ Encyclical and Protecting Our Common Home
In his encyclical, Laudato Si, Pope Francis invites “every person living on this planet” to an inclusive dialogue about our responsibility to care for all God’s creation. This presentation and community forum will focus on the theology of the encyclical, highlighting some of the core themes including the global impact of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable people. Explore the collection of resources offered by Catholic Relief Services and others that aid in fostering dialogue and faith-filled engagement with young people on this seminal issue of our time.


Garcia 412. Promoviendo un encuentro con Cristo para personas con discapacidades en la Comunidad Hispana.
Estrategias para servir las necesidades catequéticas de niños, jóvenes y adultos hispanos con discapacidades y sus familias. Enfocado en la preparación sacramental, asistencia a Misa e ideas que involucren la participación continúa de la comunidad hispana en la Iglesia.Promoting an encounter with Christ for persons with disabilities in the Hispanic Community.

Strategies for serving the catechetical needs of Hispanic children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families.  Will focus on sacramental preparation, Mass attendance, and ideas for ongoing engagement of the Hispanic community.


Hidalgo 413. Una Conversión Ecológica: Implementando Laudato Si en el Hogar y en la Parroquia  El Papa Francisco ha escrito una encíclica sobre el medio ambiente que ha sacudido al mundo y la Iglesia de muchas maneras. El Santo Padre toca temas controversiales como el cambio climático, el consumismo, la codicia y la inmensa destrucción del planeta. La encíclica pide un cambio. Pero cambio nunca es fácil, especialmente cuando se requiere cambiar nosotros mismos. En este taller vamos a explorar la encíclica y hablar acerca de las diferentes maneras en que nosotros, como católicos, podemos llegar a comprender profundamente nuestro papel en el cuidado del ambiente y de qué manera podemos realmente hacer un impacto—en nuestro hogar y en la parroquia. Ven, sólo si estás preparado para ser desafiado durante este taller revelador.

An Ecological Conversion: Implementing Laudato Si at Home & in the Parish
Pope Francis has written a powerful encyclical about the environment that has rocked the world and the Church in many ways. The Holy Father touches upon controversial issues such as climate change, consumerism, greed, and the vast destruction of the planet. The encyclical calls for change. But change is never easy, especially when it requires changing ourselves. In this workshop we will explore the encyclical and talk about the different ways in which we as Catholics can come to fully understand our role in the care of the environment and how we can really make an impact—at home and in the parish. Come only if you are prepared to be challenged during this eye-opening workshop.