Resources & Networks

The newest features of the In Word and Witness community are now ready to enjoy! Network groups allow for conversation, sharing of best practices, and collaboration around our shared mission. The resource library allows for the broad sharing of resources to meet the diverse needs of our members.

Share your giftedness with the community and submit a resource! Resources must support our mission to transform the world by reflecting Christ and align with at least one of our 8 core values. Resources can be submitted by any paid member of the organization. Submissions can be made as an individual or on behalf of the community or organization that you serve. Resources are searchable by theme, audience, and core value and can include a PDF document, video, or hyperlink. To learn more or submit a resource visit us here:

All members will have unlimited access to our resource library through Easter. After that time, paid members will continue to enjoy unlimited access to our library. Free members will be able to search the library and access 10 additional resources of their choosing. All resources can be shared to social media by utilizing our social share feature.

Contribute to the conversation and participate in one of our 11 network group discussions. Three of these networks are available to all members. Introduce yourself and share a little about yourself and your ministry in Leave Your Mark. Share promotions, discounts, and limited-time offers in Member Perks. Post about webinars, virtual events, and other gathered opportunities in Upcoming Events. Network groups around our 8 core values are accessible to paid members of our community.

Enjoy these new and exciting member benefits!