Unpacking Sessions, Monday 05/23

10:45–11:45 am

Paul Canavese 101.  Baptism, Reconciliation, and Eucharist Preparation: Your Biggest Opportunities to Engage Parents!
If you want your parents to pass on faith to their children, start with sacramental preparation. Parents expect to be involved in these sacraments, and you have some extra leverage to require their formation. It’s your biggest chance to engage these parents in their own faith, evangelize them, and coach them on how to be Catholic parents.
Joe Paprocki** 102.  Leadership and Mercy: Synonyms or Antonyms? 
Pope Francis is showing the Church and the world a new kind of leadership. It is one that embodies in word and deed what it means to lead from the core of who you are. He is calling us as Church leaders to go to the outskirts, to move beyond our comfort zones and offer mercy and welcome to those who feel outside the walls of our Church. He is calling us to lead by listening to and following the example of Jesus.

** Joe Paprocki is replacing Stephen Connor and Becky Eldredge

Jamin Herold 103.  Keeping Kerygma in the Curriculum 
When we start to quantify and qualify what is to be taught in our parishes and schools, how can we keep the basic Gospel proclamation at the forefront of the minds of our catechists?  This session explores the creating of curriculum guides that will not only teach the what of our faith, but the who, leading students into discipleship and personal relationship with God and His church.
Diane Lampitt 104.  Believe, Celebrate, Live: An experience of faith through Word and Ritual  
Join us as we explore key catechetical and liturgical elements and how they can inspire and transform. Together we will experience the weaving together of Lectio Divina and Visio Divina, Liturgical Catechesis, and Catechetical reflection all leading to a sacramental way of seeing. These elements form the foundation of Sadlier’s new sacrament program, Believe•Celebrate•Live. Come and see sacrament preparation in a whole new light!
Beth Mahoney 105.  The Home: First Aid Station for Mercy, Forgiveness and Healing 
This workshop will explore how mercy, forgiveness and healing takes place within the family. A look at Pope Francis recent, The Face of Mercy (Misericordiae Vultus), will be the tool used to discuss ideas, ways and suggestions of what can be done within the family during this Jubilee Year of Mercy. Some examples will come from the everyday life within the Holy Family and what Jesus, Mary, and Joseph teach us about the home.
Dan Mulhall, RCL Benziger** 106.  Digital Delivery for Catechist Formation and Certification
The use of technology in spreading the faith and growing disciples is imperative for today’s Church. Making use of the tools technology offers is a powerful way to engage individuals, families, catechists, and ministry professionals alike. A panel of catechetical professionals will share stories of their experience in using digitally delivered catechist formation and enrichment. The session will engage the participants actively throughout and will offer ample time for interaction and discussion.

** Note: Dan Mulhall will Facilitate. Panelists include:
Jayne Monday, Director of Religious Education Diocese of Honolulu;
Amy McEntee, Assistant Director, Office of Evangelization and Catechesis, Archdiocese of Cincinnati;
Ed Gordon, RCL Benziger

Tom McCabe 107.  Better Homes and Pardons – The Raw Power of Forgiveness  to Transform Family
Priests and counselors alike tell us that having an unforgiving heart is paramount to spiritual and emotional cancer on a person and family, whereas the disposition of forgiveness frees the heart to love again.  Tom McCabe shares the five blessings that befall the forgiving family, and identifies, through interesting studies, the debilitating effects if they fail.   In the Year of Mercy, Tom explores how mercy and compassion renew the family.
Who are “Parking-Lot Parents?’’  Why do some parents rely on religious education programs to be the primary providers of faith formation for their children? What characterizes effective catechists?  How can catechists engage and catechize parents?  This presentation will provide practical, applicable, inspirational and compassionate insights for evangelizing through the “backdoor.’’
Pam Perrino 109.  The Time Is Now! – Early Investment Lasts a Lifetime! 
Join us for a lively presentation on the importance of early education in the faith development of young children.  Information will be presented on brain development and the crucial windows of opportunity to build a strong foundation of faith for the youngest of disciples, from preschool through kindergarten. Come learn more about developmentally appropriate practices for engaging young children in meaningful ways of exploring the meaning of God’s Love.
Terry Poplava 110.  Connecting Parishes to the Universal Church:  Website/App
God created us “wired” for relationship.  Being able to join our personal story to a bigger picture is critical to our human psyche.  Explore how Our Sunday Visitor has developed an integrated approach to connect the Universal Church to your parish through the tools of technology.
Sr. Kieran Sawyer, SSND 111.  Turn Sex Ed into LoveEd: Parishes Empower Families with New Video Program 
Coleen Kelly Mast and Sr. Kieran Sawyer introduce LoveEd, an authentically Catholic, five-level approach to teaching kids about life, love, sexuality, and purity.  In other words–the meaning of life, not just the facts of life. The LoveEd approach can be parish-based or home-based, and presents its information in an engaging video-discussion framework which combines videography and animation to capture the truths about human sexuality and chastity in the context of faith and moral development. LoveEd equips parents to have a new kind of talk with their kids—awakening their imaginations to the amazing adventure of growing up while celebrating God’s plan for the beauty of family life.
Coleen Kelly Mast
Cackie Upchurch 112.  Biblical Faith Formation, the Heart of the Matter
Let’s ponder together how our experience and our learning can help us reach people of faith who may not even be able to identify their hunger.  Come find out about a new generation of biblical resources from Little Rock Scripture Study. We’ll give you a taste of a fresh and digestible approach to meeting the needs of your diverse faith community.   Cackie Upchurch taps into years of experience in Bible study and adult faith formation to share the life-giving message of Scripture.
Greg Wasinski 113.  Finding Jesus in the Eucharist 
This session will discuss the manner we help parishioners look beyond the appearance of the Communion host in order to refocus on the fruits and attributes of Christ found in the Eucharist. By journeying through a combination of Saint quotes, Scriptural encounters and Catechism references, we will bring to light once again why this Sacrament is the source and summit of our faith. Using practical language and down-to-Earth examinations, along with personal reflections, Greg Wasinski will offer an inspiring illustration of the ways we are accepted, connected, forgiven, led, loved and redeemed through the Eucharist. These insights will invigorate you to lead your parish community into an encounter with our Lord each time they approach the Table of the Lord. With this foundation, we will help build a church on the shoulders of lifelong Catholics rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ, crucified and resurrected, through the gift of Holy Communion. Regardless of where your people are on their faith journey, this topic will help you generate ideas on how to once again remind them of how they are loved unconditionally and need to return to offer themselves to the Father in the same manner. Other related resources will be available.
Sori Govin 114.  Metodología – Estrategias eficaces de enseñanza 
Metodología para la preparación de los niños y sus familias a participar consciente y activamente en Liturgia y en los sacramentos.
Metodología -Effective Teaching Strategies  Methodology for preparing children and their families to participate consciously and actively in Liturgy and in the Sacraments.
Gerardo Salazar 115.  Marketing y publicidad en la catequesis: ¡Que atractiva Evangelización!
La catequesis ofrece recursos y formación que no dejan de ser un producto vendible a las personas. ¿Vendible? Nuestra publicidad es de alguna manera el reflejo del contenido de nuestros programas. ¿Es que acaso damos por sentado que la mercadotecnia no tiene nada que ofrecer a la catequesis? Recordemos que nuestros programas y recursos deben ser atractivos para los padres de familia y los hijos, por tal razón, el mercadeo y la publicidad nos ofrecen ciertas pautas que nos permiten ofrecer nuestro ministerio de una manera gráfica, explícita y muy atractiva para la audiencia. Aquí recibirás los métodos de análisis y estrategias de la publicidad que son aplicables y de beneficio para nuestra catequesis y evangelización parroquial.Marketing and publicity in catechesis
Catechesis and evangelization provides resources and training that are marketable elements. Our advertising is somehow a reflection of the content of our programs. Could it be that we assume that marketing has nothing to offer catechesis? Our programs and resources must be attractive to families, parents and children. For that reason, several documents of our Catholic Church with the support of guidelines of marketing/publicity will help us to offer our ministry with new expressions, graphical, explicit and very attractive manner to people. You will receive in this workshop the necessary tools, methods and advertising strategies that are applicable and to the benefit of our parish catechesis and evangelization programs.