Unpacking Sessions, Tuesday 05/24

Sr. Kathleen

Bryant 301. A Toolkit for Teachers  
You don’t need to create or invent a strategy from scratch!  Learn about existing resources, curriculums and media that will help youth to be aware of trafficking and ways to be helpful to their peers.


Hipley 302. Restoring Justice 
What is the Catholic response to crime and violence? At this session, the Catholic Mobilizing Network will provide an overview of restorative justice philosophy and explore this issue through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching. We will discuss how restorative justice models can be practiced in schools and youth groups to combat bullying.


Kertz Kernion 303. Lessons from Our Contemplative Tradition:   “Pope Francis calls on us to be “Lights of Hope.
How do we nurture our spirits so that we can fulfill that mission? In this workshop, we will explore the lives and lessons of the Christian monastics and mystics who embody a deep understanding of the dignity of each person, with compassion and care for all. We’ll discuss a few simple ways to bring silent pauses and “glances to God” into our daily living. These practices open our eyes and hearts, increasing our awareness of others as we work toward a more just and peaceful world. They are adaptable to any age and experience level, so that each one of us will “find Jesus in the face of others.” (Pope Francis)

Sr. Patricia

McCormack, IHM 304.  E-Z PARENT SUPPORT  
Mercy and Justice are core Gospel values first taught in the family.  Experience a strategy that prepares parents to be the “Primary Teachers” of the social teachings of the Catholic Church.  This strategy will prove to be easy-on-the-nerves for parents; easy on the catechetical leader/staff; and easy on the budget. If E-Z appeals to you, come to this session.

Deacon Steve

Mitchell 305.  Alpha as a Tool for the New Evangelization 
Alpha is foundational and focuses on the kerygma.  I like what Fr. Cantalamessa, preacher to the papal household had to say; “It is Alpha, not Alpha and Omega as it focuses on the first element of faith, a personal encounter with Christ.” Its audience is the nonbeliever and skeptic but we find that everyone, even faithful Catholics experience deeper conversion to Jesus when participating.  Over a meal, guests encounter Christ in a loving community, they listen to compelling talks that appeal to the head, and the heart and the will, then in small group discussion have the opportunity to examine the claims of Christ against the backdrop of their lives and our culture.  A moment of conversion is a most beautiful moment to witness, that moment when faith meets grace changes everything.


Mulhall 306. A Pastoral Approach to Culture 
The cacophony of voices and opinions that exploded about Syrian refugees shows a lack of understanding about religion and culture. This session will look at what catechists can do to help establish cultural awareness and understanding within the Catholic community.


Paprocki 307. A Church on the Move: Putting Mission and Mercy in Motion
The vision for how to achieve a church on the move has been laid out by Pope Francis through his actions and words, most notably, his Apostolic Letter Evangelii Gaudium—“The Joy of the Gospel.” In his new book, A Church on the Move: 52 Ways to Get Mission and Mercy in Motion (Loyola Press), Joe Paprocki, DMin, offers a number of exciting, practical, realistic, and doable strategies for transforming the way the average parish thinks, functions, worships, forms people in faith, and engages the world so that we can truly become a church on the move where people encounter the transforming grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. In this presentation, Joe will specifically focus on how a church on the move forms people in faith.

Jo Ann

Paradise 308. Changing Paradigms 
How hard is it to let go of what we know in order to creatively imagine a more effective solution?  Discover the paradigm shift in Alive in Christ and Encounter With Christ that is facilitating the conversion process is parishes across the country.


Santos 309. Connecting People to Change the World
Pope Francis reminds us that we are called to reach out as missionary disciples to all and in a special manner to the most vulnerable. In a world were we long to make personal connections come discuss how we can facilitate these relationships for our students, families and communities.


Schippe 310. What’s Up? Using Current Events to Emphasize Catholic Social Teaching
When making a list of catechetical resources at our disposal, we often forget some of the most important—the Newspaper, CNN, the evening news, twitter feeds and the like. It is naïve to think that the young people we teach are deaf to the drumbeat of wars, violence, terrorism, fraud, poverty, immigration, and the like. It is important—even essential—that we demonstrate that Catholic social teaching addresses the troubles of our times. This session gives practical suggestions for using what is happening now to highlight the seven principles of Catholic social teaching as articulated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


Weber 311. Making Catholic Social Teaching Come Alive for Young People
This session offers creative ways to engage young adults and/or adolescents in exploring the seven basic principles of Catholic Social Teaching. In addition to input on major themes, participants will get the opportunity to brainstorm how to make Catholic social teaching more than just a list or a bunch of words. We will look at ways of weaving CST into faith formation, family, mission trips, etc.

Dr. Kristin

Witte 312. Tools to Help Form Disciples who have a Global View and a Merciful Heart 
Dynamically highlight the catechetical resources, videos and tools that Catholic Relief Services has created to serve those who seek to bring about global solidarity through preservation and upholding the sacredness and dignity of all human life, fostering charity and justice, and embodying Catholic social and moral teaching we assist the poor and vulnerable overseas


Herrera 313. Una Iglesia en Marcha:  Misión y Misericordia  
El Papa Francisco ha señalado su deseo por una Iglesia en movimiento a través de sus acciones y palabras, en su carta apostólica “La Alegría del Evangelio” ha pedido a que haya discípulos misioneros dispuestos a salir a evangelizar con alegría.  En este taller estaremos dando 35 maneras concretas de cómo aplicar Misión y Misericordia en movimiento de una manera práctica y sencilla.


Valenzula 314.  Creemos-Identidad Católica-el instrumento ideal para presentar la dignidad humana en la formación de discípulos
Esta sesión demostrara como la nueva edición de Creemos-Identidad Católica, se une a la doctrina social de la iglesia para presentar la fe en maneras innovadoras y creativas.  La meta de Creemos-Identidad Católica, es ayudar a los catequistas y los padres de familia y a la comunidad en formar discípulos. Esta nueva edición contiene un enfoque innovador titulado “catequesis en el hogar,” donde la familia y el hogar se convierten en el lugar principal de la catequesis para los niños. Ven a escuchar como esta nueva herramienta encomienda a las familias trasferir el tesoro de la fe, la doctrina social de la iglesia en el hogar.