About Partnerships

Partners are members that strategically collaborate towards projects that contribute to the mission, enhance creativity in the field of evangelization and catechesis, and align with the core values of the organization.

Executive Director, Margaret Matijasevic and Director of Mission Integration, Victoria Radleigh Smith explain how to partner with the In Word and Witness community.

How Partnerships Work

We have identified 7 ways to partner with us more intentionally.

Become a Member: All individuals who share in our mission to transform the world by reflecting Christ are eligible for membership.

Contribute to Our Resource Library: Share resources that align with our Core Values and strengthen the community.

Project Proposals: Submit a formal application for a project that meets a need and aligns with our core values. Fund a project already submitted by another member of the community.

Contribute to a Member Experience: Sponsor a speaker, prayer experience, or networking opportunity.

Engage in the Synodal Process: We gather to be of service to the Church. Participate in the process and consider sponsoring a portion of the event.

Become a Brand Ambassador: Share our message and mission with your circle of influence.

Consider Federation Status: Become a federate group under the In Word And Witness brand.

Project Proposals

Paid members of the organization who wish to actively engage in our organizational mission are invited to share their ideas for a partnered project by submitting a proposal. Partnership projects must be in alignment with our core values and address a need for the community at large.

Submit A Project Proposal

Recent Partner Projects

Christ Awaits

Christ Awaits is a partner project between In Word and Witness and RCL Benziger. This 3-month process accompanies ministry leaders as they prepare for managing ongoing change. This event features:

  • 4 workshops on the themes of  Visioning for Change, Collaboration and Stewardship, Living Into Mission, and Tools for Engagement.
  • 4 LIVE presentations that further break open these themes.
  • Bi-weekly cohort groups.
  • A day-long participant retreat.
  • A co-authored document to assist communities in implementing change.


Magnify is a 4-month virtual event exploring the Directory for Catechesis. This partner project between In Word and Witness and OSV features more than 40 workshops, including a Spanish language track. Each of these workshops are presented by experts in the field of evangelization and catechesis and further expand upon the themes in the directory.

Effective Catechetical Leader Series

The Effective Catechetical Leader series (Also available in Spanish.), developed in conjunction with Loyola Press and written by some of the top catechetical leaders in the country, is the only series to encompass all the various aspects of catechetical leadership. This series provides the practical skills, strategies, and approaches that ensure successful parish faith formation in an evangelizing manner, which leads directly to a vibrant Church.​

Echoes of Faith Emmaus Edition

Walk with Jesus as you accompany others on a journey that echoes faith in Christ. Echoes of Faith Emmaus Edition leads catechists through comprehensive formation helping them to grow in their understanding of Church teachings, the role of the catechist, and methodology. The new Echoes of Faith catechist formation process has been inspired by the story of The Appearance on the Road to Emmaus. The learning design in this edition has been developed to help catechists enrich their relationship with Christ as his disciples.

Federation Status

Federations are focus-specific groups of members, national in scope, existing to enhance and strengthen our mission. Become a federate group under the In Word And Witness brand.

Application for Federation

Current Project Partners

The Federation for Catechesis with Hispanics

The Federation for Catechesis with Hispanics has a mission to serve those who minister in catechesis with Hispanics. The Federation values and prioritizes leadership development, advocacy, and a conference gathering for those in catechetical roles with Hispanics.

RCL Benziger

RCL Benziger proudly supports ministers through faith-based and academic education. They are dedicated to providing enriching learning experiences for students and families through their complete array of print and digital resources.


OSV’s mission is to help Catholics fulfill their calling to discipleship, strengthen their relationship with Christ, deepen their commitment to the Church, and contribute to its growth and vitality in the world.

Loyola Press

In the spirit of Saint Ignatius of Loyola who points us always to personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and in response to those they serve, they create books and multi-media products that facilitate transformative experiences of God so that people of all ages can lead holy and purposeful lives with and for others.