Communal initiatives to move our organization forward.

About Projects

We believe all members play an active role in bringing the organization’s mission to life! Share your creative ideas on how to move our mission forward. Partnered Projects ensure that the organization is responding to the diverse and ever-changing needs of the ministerial community. 

Accepted projects are broad in scope, align with our core values, and address a communal need. Help secure the success of a project by contributing to its funding. Any amount helps reach our goal!

Project Proposals

Have a creative idea? We want to hear from you! Any paid member of the organization is welcome to submit a project proposal. Partnership projects must be in alignment with our core values and address a need for the community at-large.

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Current Projects

Check out these current projects. Contribute to the success of a project by contributing to their funding goal.



Project Q&A

Who can fund a project?

Anyone can contribute to the funding of a project!

Funds raised that exceed a project’s goal amount will be reserved for a future project that aligns with the same core value.

Projects that do not receive proper funding before their deadline will likely not be actualized. In Word and Witness reserves the right to allocate raised funds towards future projects with a similar purpose and core value alignment.

Any paid member of the organization can submit a project proposal.

Organizations may choose to fund a project in the same way that members contribute. Partner organizations may wish to sponsor a project – allowing them to become project collaborators.

Furthermore, an organization may choose to take a project to the next level by working directly with the project proposer to refine their vision and actualize their vision.

Each project will have a unique timeline. Generally, projects will last 3-12 months in length and address an immediate communal need. Some projects may be long-term (such as the vaccine coalition), while other projects are only active for a short amount of time (such as a campaign).

Yes, we encourage the collaboration from a group of members. Project proposals must list all those contributing to the proposal. Those serving as the main points of contact must be paid members of the organization.

Yes, you are able to reassign a point person at any time. The main point of contact must be a paid member of the organization.