Being a Transforming Presence

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Sr. Lynn Levo

In the chaotic and challenging world in which we live today, we are called more than ever to BE a transforming presence – to live with an attitude of discovery, access our own and others’ potential and to close the gap between what we are learning and how we live. As we move from an awareness of self as a separate entity, to a self that is intimately intertwined with others and with all of creation, the discipline of contemplation is essential to embracing our full humanity. Contemplation, walking with God as we take a long, loving look at our reality, supports a flexible shaping and integration of prayer, reflection and dialogue. Forging a contemplative heart will help us to attend to the challenges and opportunities of our time by discovering a new consciousness, a new way of BEING.

This recording was originally a part of our 2017 Convocation: Transformative Leadership.

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