Mercy, Prayer, Openness

cl Magazine - April 2016 Submitted by In Word & Witness

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4| From the President: The Fallacy of Prerequisites – Ken Ogorek
5| From the Executive: Earnest Prayer – Director Margaret Matijasevic
23| From the Intercultural Committee: The Role of the Blessed Mother in the 1986 Philippine Revolution – Cris V. Villapando
24| Book Review: Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction – Reviewed by Dan Thomas
26| PCL Perspectives: At Work in the Vineyard: Planning for the Vineyard – Teri Burns
27| New Evangelization on a New Continent: When the Living Room Becomes a Classroom – Claire M. McManus
28| Transforming, Evangelizing Catechesis: Happy Birthday, Baltimore Catechism – Biff Rocha
29| Diocesan Director’s Forum: We Are Made for Love and Glory: The Dignity of the Human Person – Jim Gontis
30| Adult Faith Formation: Heart, Hands, and Head: Mentoring Adults in Faith – Leisa Anslinger
31| Notable Resources – Dan Pierson

6| Master Catechist: Pope Francis’s Pedagogy of Mercy – Hosffman Ospino
10| I’m Over Facebook! What Parish Leaders Must Know About Social Media Today – Clarissa V. Aljentera
14| Challenging Conversations: Strategies for Working Through Ministerial Conflicts – Ann M. Garrido
17| Water and Oil, Robe and Candle: The Symbols and Significance of Baptism – Michael Marchal
20| The Problem and the Antidote to People Leaving the Church – Mary Birmingham

Volume 27 · Number 2

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