Encountering a Merciful God

cl Magazine - January 2016 Submitted by In Word & Witness

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4| From the President: Are All Welcome? Depends on Who or What the “All” Is – Ken Ogorek
5| From the Executive Director: Merciful Like the Parent – Margaret Matijasevic
24| Book Review: One Nation Under Gods: A New American History – Reviewed by Dan Thomas
26| PCL Perspectives: At Work in the Vineyard: Frazzled in the Vineyard – Brigid Johnson
27| New Evangelization on a New Continent: Holy Podcast! – Claire M. McManus
28| Transforming, Evangelizing Catechesis: Jesus In Our Homes – Patrice Spirou
29| Diocesan Director’s Forum: The Consecrated Life: A Gift to God, to the Church, and to the Whole World – Michael J. Martocchio
30| Adult Faith Formation: Stages of Faith, Evangelization, and Mercy – Leisa Anslinger
31| Notable Resources – Dan Pierson

6| Misericordiae Vultus: Connecting Mercy with Mission – Matthew Halbach
11| The Shape of a Rite of Reaffirmation – Michael Marchal
14| Ever Ancient, Ever New: Encounter-Driven Catechesis – Katie Prejean
20| Red Ink and Blue Skies: Planning for Renewal While Managing Decline – Tom Quinlan
23| Six Amazing Things: Every RCIA Inquirer Has to Learn – Nick Wagner

Volume 27 · Number 1

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