Evangelization through Accompaniment

cl Magazine - November 2015 Submitted by In Word & Witness

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4| From the President: Province Experiences Color NCCL Perception – Ken Ogorek
5| From the Executive: The Fiat: Let It Be Done – Director Margaret Matijasevic
24| Book Review: Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared about Results – Reviewed by Dan Thomas
26| PCL Perspectives: Ministry and Mobility – Justin Huyck
27| New Evangelization on a New Continent: Breathing a Soul into the Technocrat – Claire M. McManus
28| From the Intercultural Committee: So Many Ways to Learn about Culture – Daniel S. Mulhall
29| Diocesan Director’s Forum: Encounter in Sacramental Preparation: The Art of Listening to Parents – Anne Jamieson
30| Adult Faith Formation: Accompaniment in Adult Faith Formation – Leisa Anslinger
31| Notable Resources – Dan Pierson

6| Sorting Fish: What the New Evangelization Might Learn From the RCIA – Michael Marchal
11| Take Aim: Family Involvement in Faith Formation – Jo Ann Paradise
14| Create a Family Culture of Spirituality – Patricia M. McCormack, IHM
18| First Sacrament Preparation with Families – Laura Weatherington
20| Mercy Me, Mercy You: A Parish Catechetical Leader’s Primer for the Coming Jubilee – Reynolds R. (Butch) Ekstrom
22| Hawaiian Videos on Sacraments Receive “New Wineskins” Award – Jayne Mondoy & Darlene J.M. Dela Cruz

Volume 26 · Number 6

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