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cl Magazine - September 2015 Submitted by In Word & Witness

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4| From the President: An Open Letter to the Bishops of the United States – Ken Ogorek
5| From the Executive Director: Conversion and Mission – Margaret Matijasevic
23| Transforming, Evangelizing Catechesis: Doing Your One Percent – Kristina M. DeNeve
24| Book Review: How to Read the Bible – Reviewed by Dan Thomas
26| PCL Perspectives: At Work in the Vineyard: Catechesis with Children with Special Needs – Judith Brusseau
27| New Evangelization on a New Continent: Tweeting with a Purpose – Claire M. McManus
28| From the Intercultural Committee: Three Hundred Years of Discernment: The Chinese Rites Controversy – Marc González
29| Diocesan Director’s Forum: Philosophy and Catechesis – Brian Pizzalato
30| Adult Faith Formation: Focusing on What Is Already Working – Leisa Anslinger
31| Notable Resources – Dan Pierson

6| Sharing the Great Story – David Loftus
10| Invest in the Church Today for a Better Tomorrow: U.S.-Born Hispanic Youth – Miriam Hidalgo
13| Disciple Building in Youth Ministry – Tom East
17| The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd: Where a Child Can Fall in Love with God – Mary Heinrich
20| Is Faith a Private Matter? – Steve Mitchell

Volume 26 · Number 5

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