Domestic Violence Module in Marriage Prep-English

This module is a collaborative effort between Catholics For Family Peace (CFFP) and the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Domestic Violence Outreach Ministry. Submitted by Lauri Przybysz

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The serious issue of Domestic Violence will not apply to every couple but must be addressed in marriage preparation. Simply raising the issue during marriage preparation may help an individual or a couple seek assistance. This 30-minute module is designed to be included in marriage preparation programs to address domestic abuse. In “Peace and Respect in Your Marriage,” we define domestic abuse, share Church teaching, and identify ways to identify signs of domestic violence so that married couples can avoid it.
This module may be used with groups, with a sponsor couple, or for clergy pre-marriage sessions. It may also be used by someone for personal reflection as they prepare for marriage. Individuals take a questionnaire about behaviors, then share privately with their partner. Questions for group discussion are also included.
Also available in Spanish and French.

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