New Models of Faith Formation: A National Perspective

Submitted by Libby Mahowald

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The New Directory for Catechesis is a long-awaited document that dropped during the heart of the global pandemic crisis, through which the Church is enthusiastically invited to take responsibility for a comprehensive integration of catechetical and evangelizing efforts in the world today. If we explore our communal memory, and align this somewhat “ironic experience” of receiving such a relevant document and opportunity during times of uncertainty and change, we will find a deep correlation with salvation history, and recognize that these Kairos moments are entirely Spirit-filled. What is the invitation we have as a community of faith to enter new boundless and innovative solutions for the faith formation of the people of God? And what is your unique response going to be? As someone who is trying to explore these questions at the national level, I guarantee the implications are beyond our most audacious prayers, and they cannot be simply contained to an out-of-the-box program. But hey… isn’t that the beautiful nature of the Spirit hard at work?

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