Stages’ Virtual ADVENTure Calendar 2021

from Stages on the Sound, a NYC-based theatre education company serving Catholic schools and parishes for over 15 years Submitted by Robert Choiniere

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The Stages’ Virtual ADVENture Calendar is a daily episodic journey through the 4 weeks of Advent. For children in grades 1-5, this unique video-based calendar offers lessons, games, crafts, stories and traditions of the Catholic faith and our Advent tradition.

Each 6-10 minute episode is delivered to your inbox each morning of Advent and can be played again and again.

Episodes include:

• Lessons of Catholic Advent traditions
• Stories of Mary and Saints
• Weekly candlelighting prayers
• Reflections by Fr. Ed Beck
• Original music and classic songs
• Fun, games, Christmas jokes
• Interviews from children around the world
• Joke of the Day
• Puppet shows
• Advent arts and crafts

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