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Relying on the giftedness of our community, our resource library allows members to contribute to the mission through the curation and creation of content. Resources are available to all those with In Word and Witness membership. Paid members have the distinct ability to contribute resources of their own, or on behalf of the organization/institution that they represent. Share resources with your community by using the social media sharing feature. Help spread the good news and radiate the hope of Christ.


Find out more about who can submit a resources, what types of resources can be submitted, and your options for sharing content with those in your community.

Who can submit a resource?

Resources can be submitted by any paid member of the organization. Resources that are submitted will be reviewed to ensure alignment with our mission and core values, and then published in our library.

Resources that have a definitive start and end date (ie: Events and webinars) should be posted in our network group. There you can also post discounts on products, promotions, and other time sensitive content. Submitted resources should be “evergreen” and always accessible to the community.

You can submit videos, audio files, PDF documents, or website links. Please be sure to include a clear description of the resource you are sharing.

Resources that do not align with our mission and core values, or that are deemed inappropriate by the community, can be removed. All resources will remain archived in the library.

Not A Member?

While all members can view our resource library, only paid members can submit resources. Explore the benefits of paid membership and be sure to join our community today!

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