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About Our Scholarships

In Word and Witness offers a variety of scholarships to ensure that all members have access to our events and resources. Learn more about our scholarships and application criteria below. We invite you to consider contributing to one of our scholarship funds by making a donation.

Past Campaigns

Witness of Hope

Largest Scholarship Campaign To DateĀ 

In May of 2019, more than 100 scholarships were offered as part of our “Witness of Hope” campaign. These scholarships allowed for full participation in our virtual 2-week Witness event when the country was experiencing lockdown during the global pandemic. In Word and Witness members provided community, development, prayer, and hope during a time of crisis.

Thank you to our generous donors: Anayansi Bent, Andrea Slaven, Anita Dahmen, Ann Fons, Ann Pinckney, Barbara Eretto, Betty Paul, Brigid Johnson, Carmen Hernandez, Carmen Rodriguez, Carmen Torres, Carol Ann Gaddis, Carolyn Houston, Celeste Arbuckle, Chris Miller, Daniel Boyd, David Loftus, Delfina Perez, Denise Utter, Diane Kledzik, Elizabeth Marcil, Felisa Cepeda, Gary Pokorny, Gwendolyn Nies, Hilda Marotta, Irma Lopez, Ivonne Vreeland, Jane Becicka, Jane Bowman, John Gaffney, Judith Brusseau, Justin Huyck, Katharine Gallo, Kathryn Curtis, Ken Ogorek, Kyle Holtgrave, Lourdes Land, Margaret Matijasevic, Margaret McKinnon, Maria Covarrubias, Mark Buckley, Mary Kaye Falcony, Maureen Rilling, Maureen Schrader, Michael Martocchio, Michele Loehr, Rev. Jesus Dominguez, Robert Metz, Rose Hernandez, Sara Carey, Sister Kieran Sawyer, Sue Grenough, Theresa Paul, Thomas Quinlan, Tim Grove, Tish Scargill, Trudi Westfall, Viridiana Serrano, Zenaida Mofada

Available Scholarships

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Carl and Janaan Manternach

This scholarship is available to any member of In Word and Witness whose spouse is also involved in church ministry. The scholarship covers registration fees associated with the Membership Event.

Joanne Chafe

This scholarship provides one person with free registration to the Membership event and one year of paid membership to the In Word and Witness community. The recipient must be engaged in the ministry of Adult Faith Formation.

Lee Nagel Memorial

Up to four scholarships are given each year to Hispanics ministering as duly-appointed parish catechetical leaders. This scholarship includes: free registration for the Membership Event and one year of paid membership to the In Word and Witness community.

Stan and Olivia Hater

This scholarship provides two parish ministry leaders with free registration to the Membership Event. Ministers must be engaged in the work of evangelization and catechesis.

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