Catechists – The “Saints Next door”

October 7, 2020, 9:00am (EDT)

When thinking of catechesis it is tempting to focus almost immediately on the programme. It is essential to be clear about what we are teaching of course, but transformative catechesis has also to be personal and authentic. Catechesis comes not only from the resources and materials we use but also from the very nature of our being. Being what exactly? Do catechists have to be like the figures in our stained glass windows? Not necessarily. For Pope Francis, catechists are ordinary, real, balanced people, familiar to us. They live their faith practically. They are the saints next door! In these days of fake news people are looking earnestly not only for knowledge but also for truth that comes from trustworthy sources. Pope Francis along with his predecessors Pope Benedict, St John Paull II and Pope Paul VI encourage catechists to see themselves therefore not so much as teachers, but as witnesses. In this workshop we will focus upon chapter 3 of the Directory, where we learn about the identity and role of the catechist. These chapters are critical to our catechetical endeavour. Catechists who have a strong sense of who are and why they are, will offer a genuine authenticity, simplicity and credibility to their message. They will grow in confidence as catechists because they know intimately not only what they are teaching about, but who they are teaching about; They are missionary disciples. Let’s use this time to think more about that.

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