Magdalena Gonzalez


“The vocation of a catechist” came very early in my childhood, during my elementary school years I was attending a catholic school, and a group of young nuns was the instructor with a happy attitude and joy for music. I would wait for the first Friday of the month when we would pray the station of the cross and right after we would meet with the seminarians who would sing songs of praise with the guitar, that was the time when I fall in love with the religious activities. As an adult I became a catechist, loving every moment of teaching children to love Christ.

Eventually, my love for Jesus and in my search to get to know Him better, I begin my studies which took me to get certified as a Coordinator in Religious Education and in this catechetical setting, I learned and experienced the first encounter to this wonderful ministry that supports families to form their children in the faith, which has heart-shaped my life and my vocation as a catechetical leader in incredible ways, giving me the opportunity to become a witness every day as a disciple of Jesus.

In growing my own relationship with God, I learn that passing on the faith was natural as I taught my siblings, family members, and friends how to initiate a relationship with Christ. I nurtured my own prayer life by praying the rosary every morning and listen to the Mass in Latin before going to work. This ritual has continued for several years which strengthen my spiritual life.

At home, I witnessed my husband and my mother’s faith; they shaped my faith by introducing me to Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos, whose cathedral is about 45 minutes from our hometown in Mexico, which has been a sign of strength, hope, and love for my whole family. Witnessing the faith of 8 million people who visit the Basilic per year of our the Virgin de San Juan de Los Lagos, and looking at my own faith journey, I can identify a couple of aspects that have strengthened my purpose as a catechetical leader; these have been the necessity of more leaders to support families with their own faith journey; And my husband’s faith, accompaniment, and immense support so that I can continue to respond to my call as a catechist.