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Share your giftedness with the community at-large! Submit a resource that contributes to our mission and is in alignment with our core values. When filling out the resource submission form, be sure to include a clear title and description of the resource. You can include a video, PDF, or hyperlink along with your submission. You will be asked to tag the theme, core value, and audience that aligns with the resource you are proposing.

Consider these best practices when submitting your resource:

  • Minimize the number of clicks it takes for someone to access your content by uploading the resources directly to our library.
  • Instead of sharing a page with multiple links, make a submission for each resource featured on that page. This allows the member easier access to content while still ensuring your organization can assess the analytics of page views/downloads.
  • Ads, promotions, discounts, and time sensitive content should be added to our network group page. Resources should be evergreen.
  • With understanding that some resources cannot be made widely accessible at no cost, offer an aspect of a resource while providing the link to the full content.  For example:
    • Sharing a leader guide, slideshow, or comprehensive document.
    • Share 1 video in a larger series.
    • Share a session outline for 1 session in a larger series.
    • Offer a “lite” version of your resource for free use.
    • Provide a self-guided version of your resource.

Submit a Resource

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